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NCL AAC Blocks

Recently, Alltek Division has introduced NCL AAC Blocks. NCL AAC Blocks (lightweight fly-ash bricks) are manufactured in a state of the art Autoclave Aerated Technology

* Light Weight  * Eco-Friendly  * Consistent Quality 

* Good Insulation from Heat & Sound  * Made of Nagarjuna Cement 

NCL AAC Blocks


  • On joint & plastering mortars
  • On steel by 20 – 25% & concrete by 10%
  • On labour & transportation cost
  • On project implementation time

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Dry - Mix Mortors

  • Factory produced cement based, pre-mixed motors with high quality polymers & additives.
  • only water need to added at site.
  • No need to procure/store individual materials like sand, cement etc.
  • Facilitates more productivity with reduced labour.

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Masonry Glue 110

  • Premium quality jointing motor for all Masonry work for quick and secure laying of Bricks and Blocks
  • NCL Masonry Glue 110, is grey cement based thin coat adhesive for binding the AAC, CLC, Solid cement blocks & fly ash bricks, having good compression strength and excellent surface adhesion

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NCL Render 608

  • NCL Render 608 is used for plastering walls and ceiling.
  • NCL render is mixed @ applied using spray machine.
  • This will speedup the plastering work and reduced labour cost.
  • Also Economical as thickness can be reduced to 10 to 12 mm with smooth finish
  • For manual application using traditional tools use ncl render 608-HP.

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Block sizes

Precision in size: As per IS:2185
Length Height Thicknesses
600 mm 200 mm 100/150/200/225 mm
Technical Data
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) 4.0-5.0
Dry Density (Oven Dry – kg/m3) 550 – 650
Sound Reduction (db) 38 – 50
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m-K)) As per IS:2185
Fire Resistance (in Hr.s) 4 to 6

Preparation Procedure

(1) Wash or pre-wet the Blocks to remove dust particles.

(2) Take 175 ml clean water per kg of ncl masonry glue 110 in a deep tub.

(3) While using electric drill with a whisk, add ncl masonry glue slowly and continue mixing for 3 min.

(4) Allow the mixer to stand for five min and remix again. Add required additional water to get uniform paste and remix.

(5) Uniform bed is made before fixing the block for even surface contact.

(6) Blocks are to be laid uniformly and complete the wall.

Cost Impact Analysis for G + 5 Structure (50000 Sq. Feet)

4.5″ Brick Wall 4″ NCL Block Wall Savings (Rs.)
Walling Cost*(Rs.) 43,23,000 36,36,000 6,87,000
Mortar Cost(Rs.) 12,67,000 5,10,000** 7,57,000
Plaster Cost(Rs.) 4,08,000 1,36,000 2,72,000
Structural Cost(Rs.) 45,00,000 30,55,556 14,44,444
Increased floor Area 833 sft. 12,50,000***
1,04,98,000 73,37,556 44,10,444

* Calculated at Rs.7/- per red brick & NCL AAC Blocks at Rs.3300/- per m3 and prices vary from place to place and time to time
** High quality Block Jointing Mortar – NCL Masonry Glue 110
*** Calculated at Rs.1500/- per Sq.ft


  • On jointing & plastering mortars
  • On steel by 20 – 25% & concrete by 10%
  • On labour & transportation cost
  • On project implementation time


  • Easy to lay
  • Can be cut into any size / shape


  • Superior Thermal Insulation that reduce load on air-conditioning
  • Superior Sound Insulation with an STC rating of 44


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